Summer Vacation

Dear readers, I am about to bore you with multiple posts about our big family vacation.  I realize this may succeed in chasing you away forever.  I hope not, though.  I really do appreciate those of you who have the patience to read my very sporadic posts.  Although, I suspect your RSS feeders are the real reason you keep coming back for more.  Thank you RSS feeders; I appreciate your programmed diligence.  

Our family vacation required a three-day road trip across the country.  

We managed to miss a toll booth as we circled Chicago.  Luckily, there's a seven day grace period before a ticket is issued and, if you pay online, you can acoid the extra fine.  Unfortunately, paying online was not as easily done as we had hoped and we'll probably find a fine waiting for us when get our mail upon returning home.

These pictures were taken near the end of our first 12-hours on the road.  Before we left I was a little worried about the boys getting restless and impatient.  Two things I felt certain would lead to bickering.  Once again, the children surprised me.  They were amazing.  I couldn't be prouder.  

Highlight of Day One: They were excited to find some squeaky cheese in Wisconsin.  This bag lasted lasted much longer than I expected it would.  Almost the whole week!