Another Day at YellowStone

Planning our trip in early June was somewhat nerve-wracking.  We watched the weather for weeks, hoping that winter would relinquish it's hold.  When the Beartooth Pass was closed due to snow the week prior to our trip, I must admit we were a little nervous.  Snow!  In June!

Luckily, the weather changed, the roads cleared up, and we had what our hostess called unseasonably warm temperatures while we were visiting.  Not that we would have been unprepared.  We packed a wide variety of clothing - a little bit of everything for any type of weather.  I even packed a rain coat, which I used to keep my camera equipment dry when the weather turned soggy.

Not a Fashion Statement

This picture was taken on our second day in the park.  The guys had just started fishing in Trout Lake, which is located somewhat near the Northeast Entrance, when the clouds darkened and it started sprinkling.  Fearing a downpour, I quickly donned this functional, but not fashionable rain coat.  As I tell my husband, function over fashion wins every time!

I know.  I am an embarrassment to women everywhere.

Fine, let's look at some more visually appealing pictures, shall we?