A Doggy Walk

I don't want to speak too soon and risk the return of winter, but I really think spring has arrived.  Sure, we'll probably have some cold, rainy days in our near future.  We may even have to wear our winter coats - or at the very least our fall jackets - and crank the heater in the car on the way to and from work a handful of times.  

But, this.  This tells me spring is here and summer must not be too far behind. 

Given the warm temps, budding leaves, and the months of cabin fever in our not-so-distant past, I couldn't resist packing up the pup and taking him for a long overdue walk.  While my oldest boy opted out of our little adventure, my youngest was up the challenge.

This is what happens when I ask the boy to smile.  He looks slightly unhinged, doesn't he?  Silly kid.

Here's the boy trying to keep Dexter the Devil Dog out from underneath some unwary cyclist's tires.  It probably wasn't a necessary precaution, though, as the pup seemed unperturbed by the bikes.  Now, roller blades were another story.  He actually growled at someone!  Not that his growl is much to be feared.  I wonder if the guy even heard it.  

After walking down to the first crossroad, the boy and I switched job duties.  I handed over the camera and he handed over the leash.  It started out well enough with a nice leisurely walk.  

But then the boy discovered the fun that is the sports setting with its continuous shooting mode.  Let's just say I did a lot of running!

You may have also noted the differences in our wardrobes.  When we left the house I told him I thought one of us was either under-dressed (him) or over-dressed (me).  Guess who was wishing she had worn a t-shirt at the very least and left her sweatshirt at home on the shelf where it belonged?  That's right.  This girl.