An Entertainment Wishlist

1.  Firefly 

One season was just a teaser, and while I appreciate the follow-up movie, Serenity, it was not enough to satisfy the fan-girl in me.  I want more!  And the more I want is pre-Serenity, mostly because I would miss Wash and Shepard.  The problem, of course, is that the actors and actresses have aged.  Thus, the story would have to be post-Serenity.  

Sad face. 

Oh, who am I kidding?  Even if Wash and Shepard were missing, I'd totally love it and watch every episode with childlike glee.   

2.  Stargate Universe

They ended season two with a cliffhanger, a setup meant to be explored in upcoming episodes.  Poor Eli was the only one not safely stored away in suspended animation.  Instead, he was left with only two weeks worth of life support and no way to replenish those things essential to his extended survival due to a persistent enemy that had every gate and refueling source effectively blocked.  

There was also the unresolved mystery surrounding the Destiny's mission.  Dr. Rush seemed to have a pretty good clue, but I don't think he really spells it out for the audience.  My interpretation was the Destiny was searching for God or, for those less theologically inclined, the source of all creation.  

Yet, the show was really about the survival of the crew as they sped farther and farther from the Milky Way and it's nearest neighboring galaxies. The potential for new and interesting aliens - dangerous or friendly - was as immense as the universe itself.   It wouldn't have taken much to keep the crew moving from one conflict to another. 

3.  Stargate Atlantis

Okay, so this one ran for five seasons.  (Is that right?  Was it really on air for that long?)  Well, even if it was, five seasons was just not enough.  Out of all the Stargate shows and movies, this one had some of my favorite characters.  I really thought Rodney McKay was the perfect mix of asshattery and vulnerability.  Ronon was fierce, but gentle.  Teyla was oh-so-wise and able to kick some ass when necessary.  John was the right amount of rebel and leader.

I miss their antics.

The bad guys were also incredibly interesting.  Although, truth be told, I much preferred the wraith to the Asurans. There was just something about those creepy, pale-skinned, life-force eating baddies that appealed to me.

There was rumor of a follow-up movie, but it appears to have been shelved due to lack of MGM funding.       

4.  The Captal's Tower by Melanie Rawn

This one isn't a television show, so I hold out hope that someday the author will finish her Exiles trilogy.  The first two books were phenomenal.  Even writing this post makes me want to pick them up again and relive it all.  Yet, writing this also makes me want to avoid them at all costs because the reading would only lead to frustration.  With no proposed release date and what appears to be complete avoidance, there really is no sense in revisiting these old friends.

Seriously, Melanie, write the book!