80s Festival

We missed this party last year, which totally bummed us out.  Not that Avalanche Bay wasn't fun!  But it certainly wasn't 80s Fest.  There was no AquaNet, blue eye shadow, mini-skirts, or acid washed jeans at the water park.

When we first started talking about attending this year's fundraising event, I really wanted to go as Toni Basil as she appeared in her Mickey video.  Of course, I procrastinated and didn't buy the costume.  Maybe next year.

This meant I had to choose from what I already had on hand.  Luckily, since this wasn't my first 80s Festival, I had acid washed jeans and a mini-skirt on hand.  I went with the mini-skirt, black leggins, a t-shirt, my gloves, jelly bracelets, and some high-top tennis shoes.  Ken went with the do-rag and Motley Crue t-shirt look.  No shorts for him this time, though.  Not when the weather has been so miserably cold, especially for mid-April.

In perfect spring fashion, though, the field we normally park in was flooded.  This meant the event coordinators had to make arrangements to bus guests to and from various parking lots around town.  The bus was cool.  I loved the loud music and neon lights.  They definitely fit with the 80s theme.

When we finally arrived we met up with friends of ours.  We were hoping some other friends (you know who you are) would show up for the party, too.  They didn't.  Sad face.  

Ronnie as Joan Jett; Troy as Joel Elliot from Def Leppard.

The group!

Me & the Hubby

Hulk Hogan and the Road Warriors, I think. 

Indiana Jones

Tom Cruise

The Smurfs!
 Although we originally planned on attending Saturday night, I think the Friday night crowd was just about perfect.  We had elbow room!  

Oh, and the live band did a great job covering the various artists.   The DJ that covered their breaks was a lot fun and played some of my favorite 80s music, so that was an added bonus.