Kindle Books I Intend to Read This Year

Continuing yesterday's discussion about books I intend to read this year, I thought I'd take a look at my Kindle library and select a few promising titles.  I will admit most of these decisions will be based on visual appeal and not necessarily on the merit of the book's premise.  I often buy Kindle freebies in a carefree frenzy of button clicking.  However, there are some notable exceptions to this buying methodology.  Every now and again, I actually spend money on authors I know and appreciate, so some of these titles are 100% intentional and not mere happy accidents.

In no particular order....

The Hangman's Daughter (The Hangman's Daughter #1)  I picked this one up for free.  Not to worry, dear author, I have purchased the next two books in the series because my friends have raved about this book.  I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Refugee (Bio of a Space Tyrant, #1)  This author is well known to me.  I've read many of his Xanth novels.  My favorite of his collection, though, has nothing to do with that magical pun-filled land but with mutant aliens.  Mute is one of those books that I hope and pray I can someday talk one of my boys into reading.  I think they'd like it if they'd give it half a chance!

I'm hoping this book, the first in the Bio of a Space Tyrant series, delivers the same great storytelling I'm accustomed to getting from this author.

Must.Have.Wine.: A Toast to Motherhood  The title says it all.  It certainly is a familiar refrain, something I say with perhaps alarming frequency.  Must. Have. Wine.   Reading the book's description, how could I not pick this one up?
Must. Have. Wine. It’s a modern mom's mantra, no matter what type of day we’re having; when we’ve come to the end of our rope, had the best day ever, or simply just want to unwind.
Along with that glass of wine, we often find comfort in knowing other moms are going through the same things we are. Must. Have. Wine. A Toast to Motherhood, is a collection of relatable stories by everyday moms assuring that none of us are perfect and we’re all in this crazy race together.
Frost Moon (Skindancer, #1)  Hmm.  Is that a dragon tattoo I see on her abdomen?  That brings to mind some interesting possibilities for what clearly looks like a paranormal cover to me.

The Ptorrigan Lode  I'm sure I'll need another science fiction fix eventually and this one is apparently a short story.  Why not give it a try, right?

A Sixties Book: Spiderwort  I'll admit it.  This one makes me nervous.  I like the title and I like the cover art.  What I don't like is that no one seems to have reviewed this book on Goodreads.  Maybe I'll be the first!  Or not.  What if it's terrible?

Calamity Jayne This could be funny.  One reviewer describes the main character as "two parts Nancy Drew, one part Lucille Ball, add a dash of Stephanie Plum." I really enjoy the Stephanie Plum books so hopefully I will enjoy this book, too. 

New Jersey's Famous Turnpike Witch Really this one is all about the title and how the cover art promises a new twist on a witchy theme.  The title, in case you can't read it, is New Jersey's Famous Turnpike Witch.  How does that title and this cover art go together?  I don't know, but I want to find out.

Roanoke: The Lost Colony (Keepers of the Ring, #1) It's the mystery of Roanoke.  Do I really need another reason to want to read this?  Nope, I don't think so, either.

The Heart of a Soiled Dove (Book #1) Every now and again, I'm in the mood for romance.  The title and the cover promise a historical romance.