Homework Helper?

Once every semester my office hosts a "Cool Toys" show-n-tell event.  The purpose of this one-hour gathering is to highlight technology that could be adapted for classroom use.  While our in-house instructional designers are always listed on the agenda as presenters, we also open the floor up to faculty and staff. 

Earlier this week we held our winter event.  I'm so glad I attended because I think I may have discovered something that could be useful in helping my child(ren) in the K-12 classroom.  Although, someday they'll go off to college, right?  This tool could be hugely beneficial then, too. 

Before I get into the technology in question, there are a few things I need to consider. 
  • Would my boy(s) be able to keep track of it and not lose it?  This item isn't cheap.  Amazon has it listed for $156. 
  • Would the other kids be able to resist the urge to mess with it?  
  • Would the teachers allow it to be used in their classrooms?  Some may not be comfortable with being recorded.  Also, it writes in ink, not lead. 
  • How often would we have to replenish the notebooks and ink cartridge?
These are important questions.  The most important question though is whether or not my child(ren) would feel comfortable using it?  Standing out from the crowd in any way that marks you as different can be a dangerous thing, especially as a teenager. 

Personally, I think this thing is very, very cool and I can absolutely see the value in it.  I would hope that my kid(s) and their peers would think so, too.  However, I know there's a possibility that they wouldn't and that my kid(s) might get some flak for using it.  I'd like to think that if the tool has value and helps improve my child(ren)'s grades that my kid(s) would pay no attention to what others thought.  

A certain level of self-confidence and maturity might be needed here.  I acknowledge that. 

Now that I've gotten all of that out of my system, here is the tool in question.  It's called Livescribe.  Take a minute or two to watch the video.  It's pretty impressive what this enhanced writing instrument can do. 


I think I'm going to ask my co-worker how she feels about me borrowing hers for a home demonstration.