Forging Ahead...A Writing Update.

I think I've mentioned here before that I realized shortly after I wrote chapter one of book #2 that I hadn't really stopped to consider a few important factors.  In the opening of this book I have our new heroine meeting the old cast at the bookstore - not that she realizes they're a cohesive group at that particular moment.  She only knows that she's interviewing for a teacher-int-the-house position with the children's mother.  This is all good and well.  It's still what I want.  It introduces my heroine and situates her nicely in the middle of the old cast.  It also sets up her on-going role with the group.

What I didn't stop to consider was the mother.  If you've read Fallen Angel, you will remember that in book #1 Charity was kidnapped by werewolves, her husband was murdered by a demon, and her daughters were rescued by angels.  If you haven't read the book, don't think I've ruined the story for you because Charity was a secondary character in that story.  In many ways, she's still a secondary character, yet her actions and reactions are really important as they will be instrumental in shaping the direction of this book. 

Keeping the hardships she endured during the first book in mind, I realized a few things that I hadn't really fully considered before sitting down to write this one.  She's lost her husband and has to rely mostly on herself to protect her girls from all the things that go bump in the night.  This will make her hesitant to trust anyone.  It will also make her a little paranoid and maybe a bit eccentric in the eyes of a newcomer who is unaware of the supernatural realities of this world I've created. 

With these little factoids in mind, I think I'm finally ready to dig my way into Chapter Two.  If my new heroine didn't notice the cracks in Charity's calm before, she's won't be able to ignore them for long!