Easter Weekend

It's been a busy weekend!

Although the kids had Good Friday off from school, Ken and I had to work.  After getting out at the normal quitting time, we rushed home to pick up the hoodlums so we could meet up the hubby's family.  Of course, before we could do that, we had to stop at the grocery store to pick up the side dishes we had promised to contribute to the night's meal.  You didn't expect me to cook, did you?  
Decorating Easter eggs was the first thing on the agenda.  Unlike the previous years, this was the first time we had only one kid sitting at the table.  Gage, being the youngest of the four grandsons, was the only one who showed any inclination to get his hands dirty.  Good thing we only had one dozen to color!   

Ronnie, Gage, and Grandma

 The rest of the night was spent either playing on whatever electronic device happened to be handy, watching television, or playing frustration.  I don't have a clue what the name of the board game really is, but frustration is an apt description of how we often feel when playing. 
Gage, Cody, and Andy
Gage, Cody, Andy

Grandpa, Cody, KC, Ken, and Troy

The game.

The adults playing Frustration.

I probably should have stayed home and cleaned the house, but that didn't sound like fun.  Instead, the little guy and I went to watch Ken bowl in a tournament. Then, quite to my surprise and utter delight, my little brother showed up and spent a couple hours with me and the boys.  

Not happy with his throw.

Ken and Gage


Uncle Jake, KC, and Dexter.

Playing Games
Of course, there just had to be a wrestling free-for-all in my living room to top things off.  I mean, really, how could this not happen? 

Uncle Jake and KC

This didn't last very long.

Winding down?

Maybe not.

We slept in until almost 11 am!  The boys were so patient waiting for mom and dad to get around.  While Ken whipped up some coffee cake, KC unwrapped his new copy of Paul and got it queued up to play.  Later tonight we'll probably watch Gage's movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  I wonder how much candy will have escaped their hungry maws by then?  Probably not very much.  My boys tend to gorge themselves on sweets.  I have no idea where they get that from....

Our Easter ended on a delicious note with smoked pork loin, smoked mac & cheese, and some green been casserole.