6th Grade Science Projects

So far this year my little sixth grader has created two science videos, both set to music.  In case you're unable to make sense of the first video, the boys had to work in the elements of the water cycle into their lyrics.

Although they had their lyrics mostly put together before they arrived at my house, it took them nearly a hour and a half to finalize their song and start recording.  I remember being slightly out of patience with them.  Okay, maybe more than slightly.  I think I may have even pulled out the "I'm-not-messing-around-anymore" voice in order to get them focused on the task at hand.  

If you're wondering, my little guy is the one in the sideways hat.  Don't ask.  I don't know.  Apparently he was trying to be gangsta.  Heh. 

For the record, my irritation with their ADHD-like behavior evaporated when I was finally able to view the video.  I mean, really, how cute are they? 

Not to mention I was immensely relieved to have the project done and submitted.  This was one assignment I wouldn't have to worry about going missing because I was in control of the upload and follow-up e-mail to the teacher. 

Fast forward to this weekend.  It seems the first round of science-in-the-form-of-song videos had been a hit because we were suddenly tasked with doing another one.  This time the lyrics had to include rock formations and processes. 

This assignment went much faster than the first.  There wasn't a lot of debating or artistic differences.  The three boys divided up duties.  Two would sing and one would run the lyrics PowerPoint on my laptop - he never makes it on camera, but was essential to the process.   I couldn't run the video camera and the laptop at the same time because I am simply not that talented.  

Overall, I thought the boys did a really good job, which is why I rewarded them with about an hour's worth of video games before I had their parents come pick them up.