So, What's Up With Those Girls?

So, what's up with those girls?

That's the question I always get whenever someone reads Fallen Angel or, in this case, the opening chapter of Taming the Wolf (a.k.a. book #2).  It's a reasonable question. It's apparent there's something about those three children that is central to the overarching storyline. I'm certainly convinced of it and I'm glad my readers have picked up on their importance. 

Yet, the expectations associated with that awareness freaks me out.  Why?  Well, I'm not really able to articulate why they're so important to the story.  I know they each have a major role to play.  I've labeled them in my mind as the scholar, the hunter, and the spiritual center.  I know they stop Armageddon from occurring (or do they?  Maybe I should let Armageddon detonate on the page and see where things go from there...). That's where my knowledge stops, though, and that's my problem.  

In short, I didn't plan the series out in advance.  My writing method is what some might refer to as organic - I write for discovery and am often surprised by my characters' choices and the consequences of their actions.  This makes the writing a special kind of frustrating fun.  It leads me down a dozen dead-end trails and requires me to scrap what doesn't work. It results in false starts and innumerable hours of second-guessing the validity of what I've written. 

Let me go on record now and admit this is not the best way to approach writing a novel, let alone a series.  

The only thing that is keeping me from freaking completely out over the girls' upcoming role in the series is the fact that I really haven't given the reader any major clues (false or not) on their role.  They remain a mystery to both author and reader, and this is a good thing.  It gives me room to be creative.  

Now if only the creative part of my brain would cooperate!