A Little Free Time on My Hands

It's an odd phrase: free time.  Yet, that's how this weekend has felt, full of time I am free to do whatever I please. Technically, it's not true.  Our youngest boy had basketball practice this morning, which meant we were out of bed and somewhat motivated by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.  Okay, Ken was motivated.  I was snuggling on the couch with the boy right up until it was time for him to throw on some gym clothes, brush his teeth, and grab his new basketball shoes on his way out the door.

Then we had plans to visit my uncle in the hospital.  That took about four hours out of our day.  The drive up, visiting, and the drive home.  Luckily the visit went very well and my uncle should be coming home within the next day or two.  He had us all quite nervous there yesterday, but within a few short hours he did a 180 and was on the road to wellness.  I should say he's as well as a diabetic on dialysis three times a week can be.  

Yet, despite the basketball obligation and the hospital visit, I've felt strangely adrift.  I'm not accustomed to having all this free time on my hands!  Weekends are normally set aside for scholarly articles and paper writing.  Without school deadlines looming, I'm wandering aimlessly around the house.  

When Ken turned on the football game(s) I really felt antsy.  Lately, television has been a comfortable way to waste the hours.  Sure, I could have watched something on the TV in our bedroom, but that didn't sound like fun.  Instead, I retreated to my basement craft room.  

Before you mistakenly believe I became productive, in reality I managed to avoid crafting anything and instead managed to waste several hours on Facebook, Walgreens photo website, and Goodreads.  I may have sorted a few printed photos into their respective storage units, but I didn't scrapbook anything.  The one page I thought I might be able to finish before bedtime didn't happen - the prints from my HP photo printer here at the house didn't have the right color cast.  (I probably need to replace the ink cartridges.) 

Wait!  I did manage to finish one short story in Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novel and Stories, Volume II.  That counts for something, right?