Just a Few More Weeks..

I took next week off work, not so I could go on some fancy vacation, but to help me find the time to work on the last few major projects I need to complete before the end of December.  These projects don't fall in the home improvement or Christmas gifts categories.  Oh, no.  These projects are for school.  As the end of the semester winds ever closer, here's what I have left:

Linguistics Class:
  • Finish up the IPA translation of a recorded speech sample (this is 98% done, but I'm not confident in my translation abilities, which means I'll probably second guess myself a few dozen times before turning it in). 
  • Write a 2000-word report of the interview process, which should include some scholarly references to help support my interpretation of the findings. 
  • Compile the appendix and supporting documentation. 

College Comp Class:
  • Some reading (that's due by this Thursday)
  • Refine my Teaching Statement. 
  • Rework my Syllabus. 

Okay, seeing the items listed out like this makes me think it is possible to finish without going insane!