Renaissance Festival 2012

Well, we made it to the Renaissance Festival once again.  I'm not sure I'll find time in my hectic fall schedule to visit the grounds again, so this was most likely my only visit this year. 

I was lucky enough to share the experience with these lovely ladies..

While most of us had been to the festival in years past, we had two newbies with us.  My Aunt Linda, pictured to the far left, and my former step-mom's new husband (not pictured).  The other ladies in the picture (you ma have noticed I colored my!) are my cousins, former step-mom, and my baby sister.   

Considering the 90+ degree weather we were experiencing, I was amazed at the number of visitors who still elected to wear their costumes.  Our group was too wimpy for corsets, skirts, and boots.  We opted for a more casual and cottony approach. 

The Planted Man

Reminded me of the Ents from LOTR.

There's really a man in there somewhere.
These sights were the among the first things to greet us this year.  I thought both were great, but I really have to give the Ent a special token of appreciation because his costume required stilts.

Of course, there were pirates and wenches, men in kilts, and knights to be found.