It's a Win!

Last night the JV football team played their first game of the year. I must admit the boys started out rough.  Halftime found them down 6-12.  Yet, after a few adjustments, the team began to show their true potential.  The final score 28-12.

Now, you may be wondering why I'm rambling on about the JV team when my boy is a freshman.  Well, after some careful consideration, the school decided it was too risky to have two small teams and moved all the freshman up to the JV team.  That happened Monday. Luckily, our boys had been practicing together so they weren't completely unfamiliar with each other.

My boy started out on kick-off. He's number 66.

Then he moved to defensive end.

That was just before he made his final move to the bench.

See the bag of ice there?  The team's trainer was concerned he had broken his thumb.  I tried really hard not to be "that" mom, but it's hard not to ask what's wrong when you're right there on the sideline with the boys.  A quick glance and I glimpsed a strange looking indent near the joint.  When the trainer stopped trying to wrap it and put together a bag of ice, I couldn't take it any more.  I had to ask.

So, big fat FAIL on not being "that" mom.

All I can do is hope the boy wasn't too terribly embarrassed.

On the bright side, x-rays showed no broken bones!  He should be back in business by Monday's practice.