Football Pre-Season

I'm conflicted.  I'm not one of those women who looks forward to football season.  In fact, I find football season to be highly annoying when it begins to take over my television.  Even though the real games haven't started my husband is already claiming his Monday Night privileges.  I've had to reorganize my DVR list and cancel some of my recordings in order to accommodate his football addiction.

Considering how much I DVR and how often he's forced to watch my shows, I really shouldn't complain.  

But that's not why I'm conflicted.  I'm conflicted because while I really find professional football to be a huge annoyance, I'm more than a little bit excited that it's football season!  I've two very good reasons to feel that sense of anticipation.  

Here they are..

My little guy is in his second year of JV Youth football.  Strangely enough, he's one of the bigger kids on his team.  And he's not that big!    

Then there's this guy.  He's a freshman this year (insane!).  His team practices with the JV players; I think this is in part because there are going to be instances when the two teams are combined into one.  The merge is going to happen whenever there's a game scheduled at a school where their student body is too small to support a freshman team.  Whenever our school finds itself in that situation, the freshmen are going to be moved onto JV for the day.  

I didn't know they could do that, but I think it's cool that they can. 

So, yes, conflicted. I think that's the right word because I dread football on my television, but I'm very excited to watch my boys on the field.