Camping and Concerts

That pretty much sums up our summer so far.  It's been a lot of fun.   

I guess I'll start with camping. We've got one more trip planned before football season really starts.  We'll be heading back to the very first place we visited this summer.  It's a small, gated, private campground situated on a very picturesque river in mid-Michigan.  Amenities include a camp store, an in-ground heated pool, a hot tub, a pond, and the river, of course.  

Once again we'll be camping with friends and family.  We've camped with most of them in the past.  The only newbies to the camping group will be the friends who just purchased a new camper. The rest of the group includes my dad, our best friends and their two boys, and another family of friends (five kids!).  It should be fun.  Slightly chaotic at times, but fun. 

The other notable experiences include concerts, all of which occurred at DTE Music Theater. First, there was the Def Leppard, Poison and Leta Ford concert.  What can I say?  I'm old. Or, at the very least, a child of the 80s. 

You'll have to forgive the terrible quality; my iPhone4 camera is junk.  Never mind any drunken handshake issues that might have been involved as they are unimportant. 

Leta was okay (I only know two of her songs), Poison was great, but Def Leppard definitely stole the show.  Not that I expected anything less.  They always sound amazing.  

You may have noticed that the pictures above were taken from two different vantage points.  Our tickets were for the lawn, so the majority of the show was seen from a distance. At one point, though, we were lucky enough to slip down to about row 8 for a few minutes. 

So close!  The stage is right there.  In all my concert going adventures I've never been so close to the stage.  We managed to stay there for one song.  I was a nervous Nelly.  Not to mention I didn't want to leave my hubby up on the hill since - that wouldn't have been very nice. 

Such a good time! 

The next concert was a complete surprise for me.  My hubby, whose awesomeness really knows no bounds,  surprised me with Nickelback tickets for my birthday.  He didn't just take me, though.  He invited two of my best friends - paid for their tickets, their dinner, and their drinks. 

While we were there, we meant up with my sister who was there with her friends from work.  We chatted for a bit before she headed back to her section of the lawn. 

I really can't thank my hubby enough for this wonderful birthday present.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!