Are you ready for some...schooling?

Hey, it can't all be just about the football!

We're mostly ready for the school year to begin.  The kids have their backpacks full of folders, notebook paper, and new pens and pencils.  New school apparel, including shoes, have been purchased and put away for the beginning of the school year.  We've attended the orientations and tested out the new locker combinations.  Heck, I've already ordered school pictures for the oldest child with the youngest child's soon to follow.  

Can you believe that?  School picture order forms were circulated at the orientations.  Crazy!!

So we're as ready as we can be in terms of physical preparedness, but mentally, I'm not so sure.  Unlike most parents, especially those who have been home all summer with the little darlings, I'm not ready for school to begin.  For us, life is so much easier when the kids are on summer break.  Once classes start the real work begins.  Monitoring grades and helping with homework is complicated by sports schedules and other obligations. 

It also means I go back to school.  Three more classes..three more classes...three more classes. 

Because I've only got three classes to go, I'm anxious to finish and graduate.  Registering for two classes, though, may not have been my best idea to date.  I'm sure I'll survive it, but I'm also fairly confident that I will  have to work my tail off.  I'll once again have to resort to closeting myself away in my basement craft area; it's quiet and the kids mostly stay upstairs where the television and PS3 are located. 

So, while I'm happy to see the three day Labor Day weekend approach, I'm afraid it will pass in a blur and school will be upon us before we're really, truly ready for it.