It was a difficult weekend.  We knew it was time to put our seventeen-year-old dog down.  She slept more than she did anything else.  When she'd wake up, she wasn't always able to control her bowels or bladder and would mess in the house.  Steps were becoming more and more uncomfortable for her to navigate. Her vision had been suspect for at least a year, maybe more.  Her hearing, too.  Yes, it was definitely time to consider a humane ending to her long life. 

So Saturday morning we said goodbye to our old dog, our Brittany.  After the vet put her to sleep, we buried her in the backyard next to Cash.  It seems we've started our own little pet cemetery.  My hope is that it stays this small for many, many years.  

A favorite pastime...destroying a stick. 

Serving as the occasional pillow.

When she had the strength, stamina, and will to play with the boys.

Chillin' with her favorite guy.

Camping buddy.

Welcoming our oldest into the family, while asserting her place in the family hierarchy.