Day 9 - Recent Accomplishments

Hm.  We're supposed to post something we’re proud of that has happened recently, as in the last few days. I'm going to stretch that time limit a bit to include the end of December.  Why?  Because I am damn proud of myself for getting through last semester.  Life got complicated and ugly, it knocked us on our asses, but somehow I pulled myself together enough to get through final presentations and final papers.  Yeah, that's pretty darn satisfying, especially as my GPA stayed right where it was...

I feel like I should mention smaller accomplishments, but truly I can't think of any that occurred this weekend.  I mostly stayed home and vegged. The only notable things I did was take the youngest to basketball practice so I could get some pictures.  Oh, and I paid the vet bill.  Otherwise, my weekend was mostly spent reading and relaxing.  I didn't even attempt to get the laundry caught up, which definitely would have been a huge accomplishment!

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