Day 6 - My Favorite Superhero

Okay, so I'm behind...I'm going to try to get caught up, but it could take a couple of days with multiple posts. 

Before moving on to the topic of what should have been Day 6's post, I thought I'd give you a brief update on what's going on in my life.  Hey, it's an all-about-me type of month, right?  A little sidetracking into current events shouldn't be problematic.

Most noteworthy, my Yorkie passed away last week.  He was my little fur baby and I miss him terribly.  My house seems strangely quiet and still without him wandering endlessly throughout the rooms.

A Few Days Before the End
He was such a sweetie.

Things had been rough for him, though, these last couple of months.  If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see the results of unexpected blindness and unsteady legs.  He hit his bottom lip so often that it developed a hole (permanent indent?) from where his bottom teeth would get pushed into the tender tissue whenever he'd fall on his face or run into a wall.

He was dreadfully unsteady, especially when he was nearing the end of his energy.  The more tired he got, the more accident prone he would become.  Eventually, just to keep him from really hurting himself, one of us would have to pick him up and try to get him to relax in our arms.

Maybe this is why I've been straining my brain to remember a superhero who could talk to animals.  I don't think Dr. Dolittle counts as a superhero, but when your pet is suffering it would be very helpful to know exactly what's going on.  Guessing is difficult and scary.

So, anyone know of any "superheroes" who could communicate telepathically with animals?  Because that would be my favorite superhero.  That would be the superhero power I wish I could possess.  Maybe if Cash could have told us what he felt or what he needed at any given time during the last month and a half of his life, we could have saved him.  Maybe we could have limited the severity of his stroke and he wouldn't have ended up blind.