Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals

  1. Scrapbooking weekend with Jessica, Carrie, Ronnie, and Margarett in March.  Can't wait!!
  2. A weekend at an indoor water park with the family and my BFF and her (extended) family this spring. 
  3. A week of camping at Silver Lake campground on Michigan's western shoreline this summer. 
  4. Getting a puppy once the weather gets decent.  I've been looking at pictures of Morkies.  Oh, my. 
  5. Signing up for fall and winter classes so I can finally graduate!
  1. Winning the lotto or making millions of my self-published book(s).  (It's a dream...go ahead and laugh, I am.)
  2. Selling a book or two or three to a traditional publisher. 
  3. Throwing away everything in my closet and dresser and going on a shopping spree. 
  4. Vacationing all over the world with my hubby and our boys. 
  5. Being able to quit my job and stay home to work on pursuing dreams 1-4. 
  1. Write, edit, and publish book #2 under my alter ego's identity. 
  2. Spend a lot of quality time with my hubby and our boys.
  3. Potty train and teach the new puppy some tricks.  
  4. Write and edit my fantasy novel so I can begin the arduous publishing journey.
  5. Graduate!!