Day 12 - Blogging

I don't remember when I first stumbled across someone's blog.  I don't even remember who that someone might have been.  What I do remember, though, is when and why I decided to start writing my own blog.  

Many, many moons ago, I joined some online writing communities.  Two of them.  The first was a rather small, eclectic group of people.  Although I wouldn't swear to this, I believe they were using Yahoo Groups or something similar.  We had discussion boards that we used to communicate and, if I remember correctly, which is never a guarantee, we had a place to store our Word documents for review. 

I'm not in touch with anyone from that group anymore, but I remember a couple of names.  Eric.  Lola.  (Both were - and likely still are - very talented.)  

Then I found Forward Motion.  Wow.  This site was home to an insane amount of writers, writers for every genre.  I quickly joined.  At one point, I even moderated a board or two for the site owner.  I took classes.  I participated in chat room discussions, Word Wars, and monthly writing challenges.  I made friends and found a wonderful support group for my writing habit.  

I also discovered a wonderful use for blogs.  Some of my fellow writers were using their blogs to post snippets of their work.  Those who weren't comfortable posting snippets were writing up some interesting posts on the joys and challenges of writing.  Reading blogs that seemed to have such a clear-cut purpose and didn't simply drone on in teenage angst was incentive enough to for me to jump on the blogging bandwagon. 

And in the beginning, that's what this blog focused on: my writing.  

Somewhere along the way, though, it became something more.  The focus changed because my life changed.  While I don't consider this a mommy blog, others might and not without reason.  I have kids, so I write about my kids.  They're a huge part of my life.  In fact, I hope when I'm gone, my boys can look at my blog and discover what made their mom tick.