Day 11 - Another Round of Me & My Friends

I'm a picture-taking fool.  Seriously.  I am rarely without my camera, which means I'm usually pretty good about capturing pictures of other people doing things.  I've got the sports, major life events and holidays covered.  

Granted, I don't always have the "good" camera with me.  Sometimes lugging the DSLR around is either not an option or its simply not appealing, which leaves me with my little point-and-shoot that I keep in my purse.  Or my iPhone. 

I've also gotten pretty good about handing my camera off to others so I can have photographic proof that I was there and I did that!  Here are just a few samples of me and my friends doing what we do.  

Me and Chrissy (my baby sister)  with some ConFusion panelists.

80s fest.

Relaxing in the Adults Only Pool at Cedar Point with my BFF, Terri.

Jessica, me, and Danielle at Zoe's wedding. 

Halloween party with Ken & Terri.

Renaissance Festival with Chrissy (my sister)  & Tarah (my cousin).

Me & Chrissy at Sugarland concert.

Jaime and me at the bar celebrating my sister's & cousin's 30 birthdays.
Good times!  There are so many pictures I could share on a post like this.  I guess that's one benefit of being a shutterbug.