He's Getting Better

On Facebook I've posted a few comments about the outcome of the oral surgery our 3-year-old Yorkie underwent.  After a few days of perfectly normal behavior, he had what the veterinarian believes to have been a stroke caused by a dislodged blood clot that traveled to his brain.  He spent a week at the vet's being treated.  We were convinced that by day two of his coma, we'd have to put him to sleep.  Thank goodness he woke up when he did!  

It's been a week and a half since the stroke.  We're happy to have him home now - mostly because we missed him, but also because of the accruing expense.  While he's not exactly himself yet, we're hopeful he'll fully recover if given enough time, love, and attention.  Every day there seems to be some small sign of improvement.  

This video was taken a couple of days after he came home from the vet's office. 

He's doing a little bit better now than he was in the video.  He seems more willing to at least try to go to the right despite the difficulties he has with coordination and balance.   He's not whining or whimpering nearly as much as he was, which I take for a good sign.  He may not be happy, but I don't think he's miserable, either.  I may be projecting a bit here, but I really think he's more frustrated than anything else.  

Over the next few weeks we're hoping to see the following improvements: 
  • Eating and drinking by himself. 
  • Eating hard dog food again. 
  • Putting some fat back on his bones - he's so skinny!
  • Walking without running headlong into furniture, people, or the other dog. 
  • Letting us know when he needs to go outside to go potty. 
  • Showing interest in more than the basic bodily functions. 
If he continues to improve at his current rate of progress, I'm hopeful that we'll see some of this before Christmas.  What a present that would be!