This is our Brittany. She's been with us since the summer of 1995.  We were vacationing "up north" the summer after our wedding and found a box full of puppies outside the local grocery store.  She was so tiny then.  And so shy.  And we just had to bring her home with us.

Three years later, she could no longer count herself the baby of the family.  She had been overthrown by a dark-haired crying thing that she really didn't like.  It took a long time for her to quit pouting.

Eventually she came to like and even love our first born, especially when he could start playing with her. 

Of course, as the family dog, she also found herself enduring things like this...

Of course, this doesn't happen all that much anymore.  She's too old to be used as a pillow.  It's obvious when she walks that things hurt. 

I'm not sure how much longer we'll have her with us.  All I know is that my boys are going to be heartbroken when she's gone.  She's always been there, a permanent fixture in their little worlds.