I See Scholastic Achievements Straight Ahead

It's almost that lovely time of year when it might not be uncommon to see our little white Malibu chasing down the road after the bus the kids just missed.  Yes, that's right!  School is almost back in session.

Let the frustration and anxiety begin!

Oh, wait.  I'm supposed to be going for upbeat and positive in this post.  Let me try again..

It's almost that time of year when the kids will jump out of bed eager to eat a nutritious breakfast and slip on their spiffy new clothes.  Mom and Dad won't even have to ask them to brush their hair and teeth.  Mom and Dad will also not have to ask them if their homework actually made into the backpack because, of course, it did!  The bus will arrive right on time and the children will wave happily out of the windows as they're whisked away to their favorite place on earth.

What?  A little to "Leave it Beaver"?

Yeah, I think so, too.

That being said, the kids really do begin school on Tuesday.  I think they're ready.  Well, as ready as any kid who dreads the end of summer vacation can be.

We've done all the school shopping we're going to do.  Their backpacks are filled with folders, pencils, pens, colored pencils, and notebooks.  School schedules have been safely stored away.  Teacher/parent/student agreements have been signed and filed into the appropriate folders. The only thing missing right now, as far as I can tell, is a change of clothes for gym class, a padlock for the gym locker, and a 3-ring binder for 8th grade science.

Last night we attended the school's open house, which gave each of the kids a chance to meet with their new teachers, get an idea of where their classes will be held, and the opportunity to open their lockers.

My oldest, the one going into the 8th grade, was super excited by his schedule when he discovered his day will start out with gym and art.  Personally, this would have been a nightmare for 8th Grade me, but apparently my dread of gym class is not shared by my overactive 13-year-old.

The same could be said of my youngest boy, too.  He was slightly jealous of his brother's schedule.  No gym or art during his first semester.  However, he was delighted to learn that his cousin would be just across the hall; they've always lived close by, but they're new to the public school system, which means for the first time in my boy's life, he might be able to hang out with his cousin during lunch/recess.

Me?  I was excited to find out that the vast majority of the textbooks would be accessible online.  This is huge.  Let me say that again, this is HUGE.  Our textbook woes have been many and varied.  For the first time since we've started this journey, we may actually have access to everything we need for homework and studying!  The only book I'm uncertain of is the US History text; the teacher was off coaching football at the High School, so I couldn't ask.  Thank goodness we're Facebook friends!

I hope everyone else is feeling as hopeful as I am when facing the start of their school year.