Updates on Various Topics

  • The Artist's Way - Going to need to write my three pages tonight while the munchkin is at baseball practice because I was too busy chattering away at my husband to sit still and let the words come. 

  • The kids - We have two weeks of practice and one baseball tournament left of the season.  Then we start football.  

  • School - I should probably start keeping an eye out for back-to-school supplies and clothes. On a more personal note, I'm signed up for a creative writing course and waitlisted for another class on learning how to teach at the college level (the exact course title escapes me and I'm too lazy to go look it up). 

  • Writing - Hopefully I'll have something to report on that as my journey through The Artist's Way continues.  

  • Reading - Last night I stopped by the library on my way home from the youngest child's football camp to pick up a copy of A Discovery of Witches.  I started it last night and am already hooked. 
  • Movies - We did, in fact, make it to the theater to see the final installment in the Harry Potter movie franchise.  I hate to admit it - mostly because I am a huge fan of the books and previous movies - but it was lacking.  The fight scene at the castle was a FAIL as far as I'm concerned.  The magical creatures fighting alongside Harry and Company were missing.  Even worse, the death that so startled me in the final book left me unaffected on the big screen and that shouldn't have happened!