Girls Night Out

This was a first, but hopefully not a last. My sisters, niece, and I had a Girls Night Out this last Saturday. What made this particular outing unique was that it included my niece, who is only 8 years old. (Or is she 9 now? I should know this, right?)

This meant our Girls Night Out was alcohol-free. Instead of drinking and dancing, which is usually what happens when us girls get together, we were singing and dancing without the benefit of any alcohol-enhanced rhythm.  Just to be clear, though, the lack of adult beverages didn't lessen the pleasure of the event. Sugarland put on a great show.

The stage looked amazing and rather steampunky. These pictures, taken with my sister's cell phone, don't really do the set any justice.  As the title of tour - The Incredible Machine - suggests, it incorporated gears, keys, and other bits and pieces of machinery.  In fact, I wish our pavilion seats would have been closer to the stage so we could have gotten a better look.  Beautiful, unique, and inspired stage design.  Kudos to the designers!

What really made the show, of course, was the music.  When the crowd held up their signs during the Little Miss song, I must admit I cried just a little bit.  I blame it on this video, which I believe is responsible for the Little Miss Project:

(If you don't want to listen to them talk, fast forward to 2:06 in the timeline.)

I still get chills.