A Weekend in Review

It doesn't happen very often, but for once we were free to do as we liked.  Mostly.  There was one little family obligation to attend to, but it was rather enjoyable, so all's good there. One of my many nephews turned five.

Cute little bugger, isn't he?  I think so, too.

With the exception of his birthday party, we had a weekend to ourselves.  On Friday night my oldest attended his first school dance and went home with a friend.  This, of course, meant my youngest just had to have a friend over to spend the night. 

Saturday was mostly spent cleaning the house and, for the hubby, working in the yard. I stopped short at mopping the floors, though.  I figured there was no sense in wasting my time because my hubby had decided it was a bonfire kind of night.  Knowing that I was going to have people running in and out of the house with dirty feet or shoes on, I really didn't see the sense in scrubbing the hardwood.

We ended up with six kids that night.  Do you have any idea how much six boys can eat? 

After the extra children went home, it was time for me to take the oldest boy shopping for some new summer clothes.  I really didn't have a choice in this.  The child refuses to stop growing.

I think we ended the weekend in front of the television with grilled hamburgers.  Yummy.