Summer goals.

In addition to reading my way through the insanely over-grown pile of books on my to-be-read shelf, I plan on getting some serious writing-related business accomplished between now and September. In an effort to hold myself accountable - to you, dearest Internet - I thought it might be helpful to actually outline my objectives.
  1. Complete the final edit on my alter-ego's first self-pubbed paranormal romance novel. Once this is accomplished, I will be releasing it on Amazon in both print and e-book formats. 
  2. Complete a few more chapters on the collaborative story I'm writing just for fun with my younger cousin. 
  3. Work on the story bible for my fantasy novel - the very same fantasy novel that will not get out of my head, yet, at the same time, will not fall gracefully onto the page!  It's working title, for future reference, is Between the Heavens and Earth.
  4. Either rework what I already have written on said pain-in-the-arse fantasy novel or start fresh from page 1.  
Four little goals. Four seems like an attainable number, doesn't it?  Wish me luck!