Someone Turned 40

And, no, it wasn't me!

It was my darling hubby.  I'd like to say the surprise party was actually a surprise, that I somehow managed to pull it off, but it wasn't.  In defense of those who happened to let it slip, it's very difficult to hide anything from Ken.  I knew he'd figure out something was up when the money started disappearing from our checking account.

Here he is just after walking into my brother's pole barn where we were holding his birthday bash.  I should probably add that if he hadn't known about the party before pulling into their driveway, the dozen or so cars parked all over the place would have given the game away. But he knew.  So whatever.

After he had a chance to mingle for a little bit - and share his grisly "how I tried to cut my fingers off" story - it was time for presents.  I had to be rather selective in choosing pictures for the blog. 

Then it was time to cut the cake.  I was hoping by doing this earlier rather than later we wouldn't have a whole lot left over.  I think we ended up with about half a cake (cherry chip, if you're wondering).

And, just because I like this picture of Jess and me, here's one more photo for you to look at.