Kid's Spring Break

This isn't the only thing the kids did while on Spring Break this year, but it was probably their favorite. This indoor water park is about three hours away from home.  On the way "up north" we hit a white-out, as in a blizzard.  It was insanely scary thanks to the semi trucks that seemed oblivious to the dangerous slush accumulating on the roads. Morons.  I'm amazed there wasn't an accident.

Thankfully, we arrived safe and sound.  Having arrived before check-in time, we decided to go grab some groceries to stock up the condo.  After a quick trip to the store, we headed back to the registration desk thinking we would be able to get things settled before heading off to the park for some afternoon splashes.  We were not so lucky.  For some reason, our rooms weren't ready.  However, the hotel made an effort to atone for this fact by allowing the kids to get their wristbands early. 

I don't think the kids minded the wait to get into our rooms.  In fact, I'm fairly certain they were oblivious to the fact that the adults were waiting to unpack the luggage and stow away the vittles.

Water slides!

Lazy River

Jumping and Splashing

My oldest "surfing"
My nephew "surfing"
Family Photo
Our crazy bunch.
My boys