Busy, busy!

There are three time-sucking, energy-consuming, blog-interfering things going on right now.

  1. School
  2. Wrestling
  3. Basketball

Three little words that seem rather unassuming on the page. Yet, believe me when I say, these three things are pretty much in control of my life at the moment.

First, there's school. I'm only registered for one class this semester, but, like any other graduate course I've taken, it's reading-intensive. If we're not plowing through a novel in a week, we're reading and commenting on a collection of articles. On the upside, the topic of the course, which is multi-cultural American literature, is very interesting.

If I only had to worry about my schoolwork, I might not be quite so high strung.

But, I also have to worry about my boys' schoolwork. Their report cards left much to be desired, so we're really cracking down on them this marking period. No computers. No video games. We're also going to attempt bribery by assigning monetary value to end of the marking period grades. We'll pay for the good grades, they'll pay for the bad ones. I'm hoping we go broke paying them for a job well done.

Now, I realize some parents are above such things, but my husband and I believe that while we go off to the office everyday to pull a paycheck, our boys must go off to school. Their job, quite frankly, is getting good grades. If they do that job well, they should be rewarded for it.

So, that's time-sucking, blog-interfering thing #1.

Thing #2 is wrestling. Now, in all fairness, this is much more time-consuming for my hubby because of his Club Treasurer duties. He's there three out of the four nights the club meets; I only have to go on Thursdays.

So, during the week, I monitor the 7th grader's homework while the 4th grader is improving his wrestling skills.

Weekends, though, are a different matter. Although we're definitely taking things a lot slower this year, there are still full days spent in gymnasiums. Not that there aren't benefits. The boy has learned so much and is doing so well! (He managed to take 3rd place in his last Open Tournament.)

So, there's thing #2. Wrestling. It'll be around for another couple of months. Until the middle of March, I believe.

And that brings me to thing #3. Basketball. The oldest is finally old enough to play for the school district, so this is the "real thing". Remember thing #1, well, it determines his eligibility to play. Luckily, the marking period has just started so he's able to play as much as the coach wants to put him in. Let's hope things stay that way!

(He's in the red & white, if you're wondering.)

He practices right after school, which means he has to be picked up as soon as we get out of work. This typically results in my hubby taking the youngest to wrestling practice in one vehicle and me picking the oldest up in another. Then it's home to tackle homework and get some studying in.

Dinner is usually late and showers are right before bed.

We all go to bed exhausted.