While the hubby and I were on vacation last week, we did a whole lot of nothing. It was fabulous.

Of course, since it was the end of October, there were lots of Halloween related activities to help us pass the time.

There was the annual trip to the Pumpkin stand.

Which, of course, means that there would be carvings to do. I love the fact that, for the most part, the boys are capable of doing the messy work themselves! The only thing the hubby and I really did was cut out the stalks. The boys emptied out the guts and did most of the cutting. Very little parental assistance was required.

Gage's is on the left, KC's is on the right. Not bad! KC's carving was 100% all him, but Gage required some assistance on the mouth and one of the eyes.

Later that week, we visited the little man's 4th grade classroom during their Halloween party. Even though we were a tad bit late getting there, he still gave me the thumbs up.

After the kids finished eating, there was a make-your-own-mummy contest. Gage's group won!

Then there were the parties! Oh, how we love a good Halloween party. The first one took place just over a half-mile from our house, which was awesome! The kids joined us for the first few hours, then, when they had had enough, we took them home and left the oldest in charge. He ended up babysitting his brother and five cousins that night. And everyone behaved!

We didn't get in until after 3 a.m. As you can imagine, the kids were all fast asleep in front of the television.

Ken, KC, & my brother, Jake.

My sister, Megan, me, and my sister-in-law, Jaime.

Me with my brother and sister.

Me with my oldest.

The next party was the night before Halloween. This one wasn't right around the corner from home, though, which means we left the party much earlier than we had the previous one.

I also changed up my costume. Instead of a Renaissance dress, I put together a steampunk costume. Of course, no one else knew what I "was", but that's okay. I don't know how well you can see the bits and pieces of the costume, but my favorite parts were the hat and the lacy shirt/jacket with the red bodice. And my boots. Love my new boots.

My steampunk costume.

Angie, Amie (our hostess), Terri and Me.

Me & the hubby.

Archie, Me, Ken, and Terri

Erik (our fabulous host) at his DJ station.

And finally, there is Halloween night. This year we broke with tradition and did something completely unique. Usually my Mother- and Father-In-Law play host on this particular holiday. This year several contributing factors, not the least among them my Mother-in-Law's health, made it impossible for them to extend their hospitality to everyone.

When my brother heard about this, he offered to pull a hay wagon around North Lake. He just had to clean off the trailer and find some bales. Everyone agreed this sounded like a fabulous idea. Soon enough his wife was also planning a bonfire and cookout.

The food was awesome, by the way! Good job, ladies!

After the kids ate, it was time to get them dressed. Soon enough we had them lined up for pictures and onto the hay wagon.

The only missing child is my nephew, Christian. He went trick-or-treating elsewhere.

I think the kids enjoyed the experience despite the bitter cold. By the end of the night their bags were heavy with candy and they were covered in blankets for the short ride back to Uncle Jake and Aunt Jaime's house.

All in all, I'd have to say it was an amazing Halloween!