I've been wandering down memory lane. I've spent hours staring at pictures of little faces so familiar they make my heart ping in remembrance of baby drool, late night rocking, and alphabet singing.

Little faces that have changed so much in a few short years.

That's my baby. My last born. No more than a few weeks old if those fingers and that hair can be trusted.

Aww. Just a few months older. Still a baby by anyone's standards.

And there he is with his big brother and his daddy. Crawling his way towards one.

A toddler now. I can tell by the background, that little bit of carpet and trim, that we've moved into the new house.

I don't even know what to say about this one. I remember those footie pajamas, though. They came in all different colors and sizes and they littered my laundry for years and years...

Bigger yet? Maybe the same age. I might have posted this one just because they're all so happy! I love their happiness. Their shrieks of laughter. Their silliness.

I could keep going, showing you how fast he's grown up, but really, what gets me, is that this baby

has grown into this little boy...

It's just unbelievable.