A Rather Wet Day

We made plans back in July. We picked a weekend, then picked another when schedules began to conflict. Finally, we managed to coordinate our calendars and a date was made. They drove "down State" to spend the weekend with Grandma, just a few short miles from my house.

Committed to the weekend, we could only watch the weather forecast and hope for the best. Of course, being Michigan, the weekend had little sunshine to offer.

Determined to brave the elements - and hoping the rain would hold off until early evening as the weatherman promised - we donned our outfits and hit the expressway.

We took some pictures in the "parking lot" and then headed toward the ticket gates. We were about halfway there when the first sprinkles appeared. Hoping the sprinkles would be the worst of it, we continued on.

The sprinkles heralded the rain.

Still, we had paid our money and looked the part, so we were determined to make the most of the situation. We shopped. We ate. We shopped some more.

Only after the rain had flattened our hair and water dripped steadily off the end of our noses, did we call an end to our Renaissance adventure.

But by golly, we got our money's worth!