My Oldest

As you know, I've been scanning in old pictures and marveling at the tender wrinkles in infant skin and the chubbiness of little cheeks. My last post showed how much my baby has grown over the last 9 years.

Now it's my oldest baby's turn. (Don't tell him I referred to him as my baby...he's too old and cool for such monikers, dont' you know.)

It's simply shocking to compare these two pictures and know the child is the same in both.

Where has the time gone?!

My precious baby is becoming a teenager! A teenager. You know, one of those moody, snarky creatures that seems determined to have the last word on EVERYTHING, that's what my boy is becoming.

Instead of riding his tricycle, he's getting his ORV and watercraft licenses.

It's sheer madness. And I know the years are only going to go by faster the older my boys get. Watching them grow into admirable young men (most of the time) makes me so proud, but there are definitely times I wish the clock would slow just a bit.