Keeping Busy

This shouldn't be surprising when you consider it's the beginning of a new school year. We've got homework for the children and adults alike, football practice, games on the weekend, evening classes once a week for Mom, a bowling night for Dad, and a yard and house to manage.

Lots to keep us busy.

Of course, none of these things are without their challenges.

Although it's only the third week of school, the oldest is already up to his usual shenanigans. I don't know what it is about homework, but you'd think it gives him hives. That or he really enjoys being grounded...

Football adds to the already out of control laundry situation. Washing practice uniforms, game uniforms, and girdles means that occasionally we're without socks or jeans to wear to school. It means towels are piled in a moist heap next to the washer.

Classes for Mom means Dad has to shoulder homework duty by himself for a night, run the kids to practice, fix dinner (as he normally does), and take care of any emergencies that might arise.

Same for Mom on Dad's bowling night. Of course, I must admit, it's not all burdensome. I quite enjoy the chance to watch my shows without the hubby rolling his eyes or making snarky comments. Although, really, who can blame him for razzing me about America's Next Top Model? On the other hand, I can't understand why he doesn't like Glee. What's not to love?

You'd think the weekends would offer a chance to get caught up on housework and homework. And they do. But sometimes, we're off doing something more appealing, like hunting (for the men) or scrapbooking (for Mom).

And this weekend? I need to get the oldest boy a couple pair of jeans before that PacSun coupon expires!

And I need to work on my first presentation for my Brit Lit class.

And I need to tend to the flower beds.