A Meager Update

So you don't think I'm dead in a ditch, here's the latest and greatest:

  • The boys are back at it again. Our mini-vacation from practices and games has come to an end. We're now running up to the fields behind the Jr. High almost every night of the week to pick them up from football practice. I have no idea what positions they will be playing. Even if I knew the names the of positions, I still wouldn't have a clue.

  • I'm hoping to get into an independent study course where I'll be discussing literature with students from Kazakhtan. I guess space is limited for this online reading group, though, and I might not make the cut. We'll see!

  • I actually managed to attend a Red Hot Writers critique group meeting on Sunday. Poor Myron was the only one to brave the critiquing waters. Next time, I will read, too. I just need to fix a couple things first.

  • I'm avoiding the synopsis I need to write. I'm going to have to force myself to get this critical piece of the puzzle written and polished, though, or my publishing aspirations will never see fruition.

  • Reading Grendel. I don't know what I expected, but this little book has been a pleasant surprise. It offers such an interesting perspective of the Beowulf monster.

  • For the last few weeks, I've really been on a reading kick. I think it's the knowledge that fall semester is fast approaching. It makes me overly eager to put a sizable dent in my to-be-read shelf.

More later. Perhaps I'll backtrack to Chicago since I left off on day 2.