Chicago - Day 2

It only makes sense that our first full day in the city started out at the Field Museum. After all, it was because of Gage's wish to see dinosaurs that we had even considered Chicago as this year's vacation destination.

You can hardly tell that it was raining. But let me assure you that this was the only picture taken on the way in because I was worried about raindrops hitting my camera.

Here we are with Sue, the museum's world famous T-Rex. As you can see, there weren't a lot of people around when a friendly passerby offered to take a picture of the whole family. This is one of the advantages of being married to a man who can't sleep in. You start your days early. Very early.

Of course, the museum is comprised of more than dinosaurs. There were stuffed creatures of every kind, an excellent exhibit on Ancient Egypt, and even a 3D movie on the life and times of Sue the T-Rex. We spent most of the morning and a bit of the early afternoon wandering around.

After lunch and one last visit to the Hall of Dinosaurs, we decided it was time to go. Luckily, the rain had stopped and we were able to walk back to our hotel. I say luckily, but I'm pretty sure the boys thought they were being punished. Walking in high humidity was not their idea of a good time.

Still, I'm glad we did. Our walk took us through Grant Park where we were able to get a couple of really good pictures in front of the Buckingham Fountain. I plan on putting a few of said pictures on my wall.

After root beer floats, e were also able to visit the Bean and the water fountain artwork in Millennium Park, too.

After our walk back to the hotel, we went swimming and out to dinner at Giordano's. This famous Chicago-style pizza was worth the hour wait. I'd show you pictures, but by the time we left the hotel that evening I was tired of the camera strap rubbing on my neck, which means there are no pictures to share. Trust me, though, when I tell you the pizza lived up the hype. It was amazing.