Chicago - Day 1

We're back!

It was lovely and over much too soon. Not that I expected the vacation to feel long and drawn out. Quite the contrary. I knew we were going to be busy each and every day, which is the perfect recipe for an oxymoron of long days that pass quickly.

We woke up early Monday morning and boarded the Amtrak. (Thanks, Dad, for driving our car home!) We packed heavy since the train allows you to bring your own food on board. The smallest suitcase? Full of snack food for the train and hotel. The cooler? Full of cold stuff we could eat and drink. Not that the kids wanted lunch on the train. They weren't hungry for sandwiches.

However, by the time we got into Chicago, they were definitely interested in finding somewhere to eat. Since our room wasn't quite ready, we checked our bags and decided to go looking for our first meal in the big city.

Maybe we should have stopped at the Melting Pot because the Hard Rock Cafe was insanely expensive. On the upside..the boys took pictures of every guitar in the place.

The hotel we stayed at had two wings. Our room was on the 14th floor of one, while the rooftop pool was on level five of the next. This allowed me to get a pretty good picture of the pool area from the elevator hallway.

After settling into our room, we decided to head over to the John Hancock Building. I wish we would have read the website a little better, though, because our City Pass was also good for the Sears Tower, which is where the glass floor is at. We thought it was at the John Hancock Building. We were wrong. So, I'm sorry to say, you will not be seeing any pictures of our feet suspended above the city.

I must admit this bummed all of us out. I think that's probably one of the reasons our oldest got a bit of an attitude at this point. Well, that and getting up super early, riding a train for 5+ hours, and walking in high humidity.

Thankfully, that was the first and last bad attitude we saw the entire week! Impressive, yes?

Okay, more later! Time to go help the little man put together a souvenir.