The Holiday Weekend

Believe it or not, it's taken me three days to get this post up! It took that long to upload the photos.

Just a few random pictures there of us chillin' under the camper awning. We were on a really small site this time, but it actually worked out perfectly. The awning brushed against the leaves of the cedar and maple trees bordering out little lot. This setup didn't seem ideal at first, but then we realized between the awnings and the trees, we were in perpetual shade. Considering how hot the weekend turned out to be, this was a blessing.

This was a blessing of sorts, too. What goes better with 100 degree weather than spiked fruit?

Of course, the kids couldn't eat any of the fruit or drink the vodka/fruit punch mix, so we treated them to hand-dipped ice cream. Once. Because you would not believe me if I told you those three cones you see? Twelve dollars.

We could have bought two half-gallon pails for that!

Of course, being on the shore of one of the Great Lakes, we had other ways to cool off. Our beach, while beautifully groomed, had an unattractive ribbon of sludge along the shoreline. So we decided to try one of the beaches just up the road from our campground.

It just so happens this beach was across the road from where my side of the family (brother and sister-in-law, and their four kids; my dad and his new wife; my cousin, her husband, and their two kids) were staying. I grabbed my two oldest nephews and took them to the beach with us. About a half-hour later everyone else joined us, too.

Of course, this beach had a serious drawback, too. While the sludge hadn't made it this far up the shoreline, this beach could boast of some seriously sharp rocks! After my initial attempt to wade out to the distant sand bar, I returned to the hot sands and put on my el-cheapo Crocs. They protected my feet and allowed me to navigate without too much trouble. Unfortunately, the boys couldn't do the same. The picture above is my attempt to save their little soles from further punishment. Because I'm a wimp, I had to drop one on the sand bar and settle for giving them each a piggyback ride back up to the beach.

In addition to eating junk food, drinking, and playing at the beach, we also had our annual community potluck with our fellow campers (Ken's family and family-in-laws). The food was awesome. What else can I say?

Before leaving to head back home there was one thing we still hadn't done. The go-karts. After packing up most of the camper stuff, we grabbed the kids and went uptown to let them have a few spins around the track.

As you can see, we had a great time! I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable!