Mother's Day 2010

It was wonderful. First, they let me sleep in. And when I finally forced myself out of bed, I had hardly wiped the sleep from my eyes when they presented me with gift bags full of goodies. In the first was a hummingbird feeder and a bottle of bubble bath. In the second, the hummingbird feeder food and another bottle of bubble bath.

Since I had been pretty vocal in my need for bubble bath, this was awesome.

And who doesn't love hummingbirds?

After gifts and breakfast, Hubby went into the bedroom to watch TV. This left me with control of the Living Room. You have to know I spent a good hour or so playing my game. I'm sure I would have played longer, but we were expecting my in-laws, so I decided it was time to give the bubble bath a trial run.

I made it through a chapter and a half of my book. It was lovely.

After lunch at Bob Evans (no line, good food, and the right price), we made a trip to Menard's. Hubby wanted to check out supplies for the basement remodeling job we keep talking about and I wanted to get a Shepard's Hook for the flower bed. After wandering around there for way too long looking at anything and everything, we went home and put up the hummingbird feeder.

I kid you not, about twenty minutes after the feeder went onto the Hook, we had a small visitor. I'm still surprised by how quickly the little critter found the feeder!

Now if I can just get a picture of him...