The Camping Season Begins

It's official. Camping season has started! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. While it may take some work to get the camper ready to go, the reward is worth the effort. And it doesn't matter if we camp alone, just the four of us, or if we're camping with friends or family, we always have a great time.

Last weekend we took a short trip to Covenant Campground. There were four campers in our little group: ours, my brother and SIL's, my Dad's, and my Dad's new SIL.

Among these four campers, there were 6 children and 4 dogs.

Brittney and Sam meet for the first time.

Cash and Sam: For the love of God, human, throw the ball!

Happy hubby.

Papa and the Littlest Princess

Dad, Hubby, and my SIL sitting in the shade.

Free wagon rides!

My Little guy, his friend, and my nephew.

Bike rides. Really, when you're a little boy, is there anything better?

Playing with Daddy (my brother)

The Poops

And, here's the fourth dog. Isn't he adorable?

Some of the polish made it on the toes.

Cooling off at the beach!

Twirling the Littlest Princess.

As you can see, it was a fun-filled weekend with plenty of time for both play and relaxation. Although, I must admit there were a few less than pleasant moments, too. We had to take one of my nephews to the after-hours clinic to get his head stapled after a thrown rock left a sizable hole in his scalp. The next day...our new step-brother had to go the ER because his uvula was abscessed, which was causing him no small amount of distress.

Hopefully our next camping trip will a little less eventful!