A lovely weekend at home.

It's been so long since we've had a nice, relaxing weekend that this one felt insanely overdue. Just the idea of sleeping in both days made me feel a bit giddy. Add to that lovely idea the fact that I was able to pick up my new Final Fantasy game on my way home from work on Friday? That I didn't have any serious homework to worry about over the weekend? That we had an adult-only party planned Sautrday night? Yeah, I couldn't stop smiling.

The game, by the way, is great. The young man behind the counter at Game Stop told me to be patient when I started. "It takes about five hours for it to get good," he told me. "Well, about five hours for it to look and feel like the other Final Fantasy games." Good to know because it's the truth. The very futuristic, scifi introduction of this latest installment definitely gives this addition to the Final Fantasy family a completely different look and feel from its predecessors.

The characters are on the run, they have a mission they can't agree on, and there's trouble a-brewing. Snow has earned his Eidolon and has just been taken captive by "the strange woman". The other four are off venturing through the Deadlands. Everyone is powering up nicely, I'd have to say.

On a completely different entertainment topic, I started The Lightning Thief. And I feel like I should be reading it to my boys. In fact, I stopped reading after just a couple pages because I'm debating on whether or not they'd actually listen and whether or not I want to set myself up to be irritated with their inability to sit still. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Not that I planned on reading to them this weekend. I knew we'd be out late Saturday at the adult-only party my brother and sister-in-law hosted for the wrestling parents. We didn't get home until after 1 a.m., way past the children's bedtime. Not that they were asleep when we finally pulled into the garage. Oh, no. They were still playing video games and had to be motivated to get upstairs and into bed.

Considering how late our Saturday night turned out to be, it should come as no surprise that we slept in. What's crazy is that I didn't get out of bed until 10:30! What's better (or worse, depending on your perspective) is that I changed from one pair of jammies into the next when I finally decided I should get showered. Totally lazy day at home. Did some laundry, did some reading for school, and worked on the wrestling DVD when I wasn't playing my game or watching movies with the fam.