I love my PS3.

Not sure which gift I love more: the PS3 from last year or the laptop computer from this Christmas. It's a mighty close race. Hubby did good with both.

And, because I really don't have any writing related news to share, I thought I'd give you the top five reasons why I love that little piece of insanely-priced equipment.

Reason #5.
Media Center. It's not an exclusive capability to the PlayStation 3 platform, but it's a nice little perk. Of course, since I only have the 60K version (I think), I'm worried about filling up the harddrive space, so I try to limit my uploads. Right now, the majority of the pictures and music are meant to be enjoyed during the holiday season. The Christmases Past slideshow gets me in the heart every time. My, how my kiddos have grown!

Reason #4
NetFlix Instant Queue on demand. While the movies aren't the newest, there's enough variety there to provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment. All I have to do is insert my NetFlix disc (provided by Netflix, of course) and my online Instant Queue is loaded. Select a movie or sitcom. Push play.

Reason #3
PlayStation Store's free downloadable demos. Seriously, this is genius. I love the fact that I can try a game out before I trot off to the store and buy it. After you've been burned a good half-dozen times, you soon learn there's no guarantee that the game will, in reality, live up to the expectations created by the preview, because believe me, developers have learned the art of bait and switch. Jerks.

This weekend I downloaded three games.

Reason #2
Blu-Ray Player. When movies like Avatar come out, I can't wait for them to be released on Blu-Ray because its like a graphics buffet is suddenly accessible from the comfort of my couch!

And Finally...Reason #1
Gaming graphics! While I can't compare the XBox 360 to the PS3's graphic capabilities, I can comfortably say the other systems out there just can't compare. When I spend $50-60 I like knowing the graphics are going to be worth the hard-earned cash I'm forking over. (The demos are good for sampling, but to truly play the game you must buy it.)

So, there are my reasons for loving my PS3.

They're also the reason my husband claims that I've taken over the television, but I blame that on the DVR. Can't miss my shows!