Adventures Through Theory-land.

This semester I've been wading through some pretty intense essays on theory. I'd say Lit Theory, but the truth is most of the excerpts we've read have very little to say about literature and a lot to say about things like language construction, signs, economy, culture, and gender. Applying said theories to literature is never really demonstrated.

As you may well imagine, these theories are easier to discuss than they are to read. Although, without our guide, someone who is already familiar with the hills, valleys, swamps and rivers of this intimidating landscape, I'm not so sure I could discuss them intelligently. And that's still up for debate.

The truth is there have been many nights when I've read every dreadful word and not comprehended a single thing. I've been forced to wait on our instructor's explanations and clarifications. It's funny how his simplified language makes the laborious seem evident. Luckily, I don't feel as if I'm the only one who finds this stuff challenging.

Theory is hard. It's dry. It's mind-numbing and confusing.

Until we get to Marxism. And Feminism. Apparently, these two are familiar enough that I can decipher the theorists' meanings on my own. The most important and notable thing for me, though, is that I am once again able to comprehend what I read. It's a lovely, lovely thing!

Now I only need to get my grade for the last assignment, write one more paper, and contribute on a Paired Exercise. The end, as they say, is in sight! And I couldn't be happier.