I Had Thoughts

On the way home last night I had a topic for a blog post. Really, I did! However, by the time I got home and decided I was too lazy to make myself dinner (the family had eaten while I was sitting in class), I completely forgot about this lonely, little blog.

Poor thing. It's been sadly neglected of late.

Mostly because I get tired of talking about my rather mundane life. Not that I'm complaining! Other than the occasional irritation or minor speed bump, things are good here.

Car has to have new brakes, but do you really need or want to know that? No, probably not. Just like you won't care that I have to finish my first paper for my Lit Theory class.

Although, you may be interested in the fact that I am completely enjoying Alice Munro's short stories and will be recommending her to anyone who enjoys artful writing that doesn't feel contrived.

See, I'm rambling in hopes that you won't realize I don't have a topic! No focus. Just blathering on about nothing of any real consequence.

Did it work?