A Diptych of Love

Originally uploaded by Krheiser

Earlier this week (or was it late last week?), I signed up for the Team-Up Thursday photo challenge. As you may have guessed by the name alone, this challenge requires a partner. One I didn't have. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who signed up without a clear idea of who I'd be working with.

Looking through Kari's Flickr stream was a bit intimidating. She takes beautiful photos. She's artisic. While my photos tend to focus on people (mainly family members and friends), hers seem to highlight the beauty of a snow-hugged river or the fabric of a woven scarf. Gorgeous stuff.

I tried to imagine how our two styles would mesh in the world of diptychs. I hoped I wouldn't disappoint her.

Well, today is our first entry. The theme for the week was love. Since my little guy was in the middle of filling out his Valentine Day cards for his school party on Friday, I decided to focus on the cards and candy (pixie stix...yum!) celebrating this designated day of love. I had no idea what Kari was doing, but I hoped my rather childish symbolism would compliment her work.

I got her picture this morning. And I think we pulled it off. In fact, I think we pulled it off beautifully.